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Fort Santiago not endangered, GHF clarifies

Published May 19, 2012, 7:32 a.m. PHT

Last updated May 22, 2012, 11:58 a.m. PHT

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Fort Santiago is a defense fortress in Manila built during the Spanish colonial period in honor of St. James the Great. National hero Jose Rizal was imprisoned in Fort Santiago before his execution in 1896. (JPR File Photo)

The Global Heritage Fund (GHF) clarified that heritage site Fort Santiago in Manila is “in a fine shape” and is not “endangered.”

“Fort Santiago has been well restored and today stands as a beautiful historical park and museum with major new investments being made for its improvement and care,” GHF public relations manager Elinor Betesh told Jeric Pena Reports.

The clarification came after a wire story by Agence France—Presse (AFP), quoting a GHF report, listed Fort Santiago—and not Intramuros—as among Asia’s top 10 endangered and vanishing heritage sites. The source GHF “Asia’s Heritage in Peril” report and its accompanying press release released early May referred collectively to “Fort Santiago and Intramuros.” But Betesh clarified that Intramuros is the “core endangered area” of the heritage site and is the focus of the report.

Fort Santiago, Intramuros “facing irreparable loss, destruction,” report says

Betesh said that Intramuros remains as a concern for conservationists due to man-made threats such as “informal settlements, lack of maintenance and care for historic streets and architecture, and construction of incompatible modern buildings.”

Betesh added: “GHF highly praises the restoration efforts at Fort Santiago and we hope to see the same level of work begin soon in the Intramuros Historic District – national & international collaboration is of supreme importance and we are all partners in saving and preserving our world’s heritage sites.”

GHF is an international conservancy devoted to saving endangered cultural heritage sites in developing countries.

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