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Sights and Sounds of the 2013 Elections in Caloocan City

Published May 14, 2013, 7:17 a.m. PHT

Last updated May 15, 2013, 11:45 a.m. PHT

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Jeric Pena shows you the sights and sounds of the 2013 Philippine Elections at the Morning Breeze Elementary School polling center in Caloocan City on Monday, May 13.

Sights and Sounds of 2013 Philippine Elections in Caloocan City

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Morning Breeze Elementary School opens
Polling center Morning Breeze ES in Caloocan opens #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 #halalan2013 pic.twitter.com/T0XIdHHHZbJeric Pena
Photos from Caloocan City
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Caloocan residents vote
Raw: Caloocan residents votejericpenareports
Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) help voters to locate their polling precinct.
PPCRV volunteers help voters locate their precincts Caloocan City, Morning Breeze ES #Eleksyon2013 #PHvote pic.twitter.com/u1c5rp6k83Jeric Pena
Voters wait for their turn to enter polling precincts Caloocan (Morning Breeze ES) #PHvote pic.twitter.com/pPIohsFwEFJeric Pena
Voters locate their precincts, Caloocan, Morning Breeze ES #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/ulKIvkt3DnJeric Pena
A reminder for voters, Morning Breeze ES, Caloocan #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/jdPjk72qWhJeric Pena
About to vote, Morning Breeze ES, Caloocan #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/DU3GZmV0sjJeric Pena
Poll watcher helps voter to locate his name on the voter’s list #phvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/SkYxJeLFXlJeric Pena
Mayoral candidate RJ Echiverri and his family attended Mass at a nearby church before voting.
Caloocan mayoral candidate RJ Echiverri and family attend Mass #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/FgwWX4Ys8tJeric Pena
Sea of voters here at Morning Breeze ES, Caloocan #PHvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/bZWvPoLkzFJeric Pena
First-time voter @roxannepena has just casted her vote at Morning Breeze ES, Caloocan #Eleksyon2013 #PHvote pic.twitter.com/CiQHG4tjX5Jeric Pena
Mayoral candidate Oscar “Oca” Malapitan votes
Raw: Caloocan mayoral candidate Oscar "Oca" Malapitan votesjericpenareports
Caloocan mayoral candidate Oca Malapitan votes, Morning Breeze ES #phvote #Eleksyon2013 pic.twitter.com/z5XqJejvASJeric Pena
Caloocan Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri votes
Raw: Caloocan’s Recom and RJ Echiverri votesjericpenareports
Caloocan Mayor Echiverri votes #PHvote pic.twitter.com/CXZ7lK2JIRJeric Pena
FEW MINUTES AGO: The Echiverris have voted #eleksyon2013 #phvote | Caloocan, Morning Breeze ES pic.twitter.com/4aSZEPsOhUJeric Pena
Jeric Pena votes
I voted! Now filing reports I’ve got from the field. instagram.com/p/ZPPzcaLYuQ/Jeric Pena

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