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How Filipino voters view political jingles

Published April 9, 2013, 2:44 p.m. PHT

Last updated April 9, 2013, 2:44 p.m. PHT

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(JPR) — Alarm clocks may be of little to no use this season for people in the Philippines.

In many cities in Metropolitan Manila, for example, residents wake up to a mashup of political jingles to the tune of top billboard hits since the start of the campaign period for the Philippine midterm elections.

The elections may be over a month from now, but candidates are taking advantage of this opportunity to make their names heard by all voters.

Campaign vehicles equipped with loudspeakers blaring out each candidates’ jingle make their rounds in cities like clockwork as early as 7 in the morning.

But in a country where many of its citizens work at night and sleep during the day, these unsolicited wake up calls in the morning may not be entirely welcome and may even be considered as a nuisance by some.

However, campaign experts say that a good campaign jingle can go a long way especially if a candidate is aiming for name recognition. In fact, some jingles are so catchy that they become “earworms” or songs that get stuck in your mind up to the point that you seem to hear them, even when they’re not being played.

But the question remains: Is a good jingle enough to have a candidate elected into office?

Netizens react to campaign jingles

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Woke up because of the stupid jingle of some political candidate blaring in the neighborhood. T*ngin*ng yan.Jonh Michael Domingo
Nakakainis yung mga jingle ng mga politicians, every 5mins may dumadaan sa tapat.jm barreno ?
Puro jingle ng mga kandidato naririnig ko. Pwe!!!!Julianne Caryn †
Yung eksenang ang sarap ng tulog mo pero this time hindi boses ni mudak ang gumising sayo… campaign jingle ng pulitiko!Gerald Santos ™
Sa lahat po ng POLITIKO wag paingayin ang JINGLE nyo oras ng tulog ng mga taga Call Center baka hindi nila kayo iboto. Lolz :pRaymund Soriano ?
My 7 yr old pamangkin is singing #Enrile ‘s Campaign Jingle. #2013Election #CatchyAdey Cequena
Ay lakas maka peste tong isang kandidato dto sa makati. 7am umiikot ang lakas ng jingle! Tulog pa ang mga botante.leche ka. D ka sana manalotalak
Ang sarap ng tulog mo pero this time hindi boses ni Mommy ang gumising sayo… campaign jingle ng pulitiko!!Ravellyn Jian
Badtrip sa napakalakas na volume ng mga dumadaang sasakyan na ang tugtog ay jingle ng mga PULITIKO!Erwin Rentutar
and ‘We will rock you’ for Binay’s campaign song is, so far, one of the ear catching jingle this electionAhne Benignos
Yung mga kandidato na wagas magpatugtog ng campaign jingle, erase sa mga iboboto ko. Lakas makabulahaw!??? Is A Rare Sir
Ang mga kumakandidato ngayon pagandahan ng jingle/commercial hindi pagandahan ng nagagawa sa bayan.Jademond A. Acielo
Nakaka lss yung jingle ng mga kandidato :)Tintin Villanueva ?
yung mga naglilibot na sasakyang political jingle sa lugar ninyo. -__- sarap pasabuginwinloveisrael
Alarm clock ko na yung mga jingle ng mga kandidato ee.Jon Mariel?
So. Someone running for councilor in the city is using ‘Pusong Bato’ as his jingle. He is also the son of a previous congressman #hellnoGabe
Requirement ba na pangit ang Campaign Jingle? Kabanas! #elections #buwaya #pweh!Coleen Dimabayao
"@tweeniepatootie: Nakaka lss yung jingle ng mga kandidato :)"Marge Santiago
Taeng mga nangangampanya yan! Ang ingay nung jingle. I’m trying to watch here!bruce aeron magcamit
Bwiset na jingle ng mga candidato nakakairita.Arjay Astibe
Nobody wants to hear your political jingle this early in the morning. Nobody wants to hear it AT ALL.Megan Young
Ang mga tumatakbong politiko ay hindi nagpapagandahan ng plataporma kundi ay nagpapagandahan ng campaign jingle. Pwe!Senyora Santibañez